MP8000Q specification :

1. Battery capacity: 8000mAh ( Li-polymer 626090 4000mAh*2pcs)
2. Input port: 5V/2.2A max ( micro USB port )
3. Two Output ports :
a. USB A port ( 5V output ; USB’s D+/D- for Apple MFI 2.4A setting )
b. USB Q port ( charging for Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Mobile phone
or Tablet PC )
a. on Normal state : 5V/1A ; USB’s D+/D- are connected together
b. on Quick Charge state : 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A
Total output 3.4A(max) of A & Q port .
USB A port & USB Q port are independent operation for each other ;
USB A port still output 5V even while the Quick Charge active of Q port .
Total Output Power 29.6W; Suitable charge built-in Qualcomm Quick
Charge 2.0 Mobile Phone or Tablet PC
4. Quick Charge OUT LED indicator : Turn light when Quick Charge active of
USB Q port
5. Charging time: around 4.4(when 5V/2.2A charging input)
6. 4 pcs LED capacity indicator and 1pcs Quick charge OUT indicator
7. 1 pcs the Power On capacity display push button
8. With Pass through charging function
9. With CE/FCC/ROHS/QC2.0 Certificate
10. Dimension:127.4L*69.4W*15.1T(mm)

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