# Battery Cell: Rechargeable Li-polymer cell
# Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
“# Input Charging Voltage/Current: Femalle Micro USB port 5V/0.3~0.9A (
depend on the output current of charger )”
“# Smart charging method:
1. It will protect the charger’s output port avoid be damaged or shut down
if it cann’t drive large output current .
2. The charged timing will be shortened if charger’s output current as
larger as well .”
#Charging Time: 5~9H
“# Outout Voltage / current of Three output ports : 5.2V / 2.1A
1. Female USB port ( for Samsung Galaxy )
2. Male Micro USB connector

# Built in Male Micro USB connector
“# It can auto turn on while the USB output port connected with loading device
by original charging cable or Male Micro USB connector plug in mobile phone directly .”
“# It can auto turn off power when 30 sec after the output loading current
below 3mA . It will save power when it idle . Or auto turn off power while
it to charge mobile phone be finished ”
“# Capacity indication:
a. Charging state :
0% ~ 30% fully capacity : Orange
30%~ 80% fully capacity: Purple
80%~100% fully capacity : Blue
b. Discharging state :
100~70% fully capacity : Blue
70~10% fully capacity: Purple
10 ~ 0% fully capacity : Orange ”
# Low self-discharge 80uA ,can be store 1 Years Without Using

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