MP10000Q3M specification :

1. The Micro USB input port :
a. When QC3.0 charge in : 3.6~12V/2.2Amax
b. When QC2.0 charge in : 9V/1.7Amax
c. When normal : 5V/2.5Amax
2. Two USB 2.0 Type A output ports :
1) A port(Normal) : 5V/2.1Amax ; the USB’s D+/D- does for Automatic identification;
2.1A charging for iPad/1.5A charging for iPhone 6s plus/ 1.7A
charging for Samsung S6
2) USB QC port(Quick Charge) :
a. When QC3.0 OUT : 3.6~6.5V/3Amax or 6.5V~9V/2A or 9V~12V/1.5A
b. When QC2.0 OUT : 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A
c. When normal OUT : 5V/2.4A constant; USB’s D+/D- does for Automatic
identification; 2.4A charging for iPad; 1.5A charging for iPhone 6s plus;
1.7A charging for Samsung S6
A port & QC port are independent operation for each other ;
A port also can output 5V when QC port on Quick Charge 3.0/2.0 state
3. Battery cell : Li-polymer 10000mAh
4. Charging time : around 5h(QC3.0;6.5V~12V/2.5A Max input);
5.5h(QC2.0; 9V/1.7 A Max input) or 7.5h(5V/2.2A Max input)
5. 4pcs LED capacity indicators
6. 1pc the Power On & capacity display push button
7. With Quick Charge active indicators : input *1pcs & output *1 pcs
Light on when QC IN or QC OUT active
Light off when normal 5V input or 5V output
8. With Pass through charging function ; Charging IN port and QC OUT
port can independent operation on different QC3.0/QC2.0 state
9. With CE / RoHS / FCC / QC3.0 certification on approval.

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